27 de junio de 2010

All of the secret walls in my mind just fell down

I'm the the
middle of nowhere,
looking at the top of what seems to be a green,
very green hill, with the sunset behind..
And, my God, what did i just saw?..
I think i can see us running so happy over there..
And i can feel that we're carrying something so important.. a life that.. will never exist.
Oh! all of the backgrounds are starting to change so fast,
there's this thounsand of places that i can hardly recognize.
Think about a list of places where we wanted to be,
think about a list of places that we won't ever know..

Something wet is falling from my eyes..
tears?, i think, just trying to push it back,
I'm so dazzled, that i have no eyes for anything else,
the only thing that i can keep on looking, it's us.

Now, another change just happened.
I can see a little girl that just can't stop laughing.
Think about what beautiful she is,
think about how much happy she seems to be.
Her hair is brighter than the sun,
and her smile worths all those millions that we will
never have..
But, those brownish green eyes of her..
they doubtless are worth the whole world.
Yeah, they make me remember about something.
Something important, I'm guessing..


"Snap back to reality,
Oh! there goes gravity.
Oh! there goes Rabbit."

4 de junio de 2010



Oh no, no, no, no, no!


You know that I adore all of God´s creatures
& the metaphors that they inspire,

but butterflies HAVE to be murdered!