20 de septiembre de 2009

I, I don’t wanna lose control


You and I left alone, cannot be trusted
There's a Lust, we can't control.

Slow we undress, just to dress.
And unless I say goodnight,
I know we're only gonna move too far.


Please, I'm not quite ready for that next level.
One kiss and that spells Trouble.


You're not listenin', watch me now
'Cause I'm a good girl,


but I can be bad
You're not quite there, you're not on my level
Trust me for you, I'm trouble

You could talk me in, talk me into it if you wanted to do.
You could talk me in, talk me into it if you only knew


I, I don't wanna lose control, control, control, control
But then again, I think I wanna lose control control, control, control
Ain't nothing wrong with a little bit of
Trouble, trouble, trouble, Trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble.


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